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Life's too short for bad software!

With Balsamiq Wireframes, anyone can design great user interfaces. websites. web apps. mobile apps. desktop software.

Since 2008, our mission is to help rid the world of bad user interfaces.

We make UI Design Accessible to...

Business Owners, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Agencies, and anyone getting into UX.

UX Professionals also use Balsamiq Wireframes because it's the fastest, most focused low-fidelity wireframing tool in the industry.

Our Product

Balsamiq Wireframes is the industry standard low-fidelity wireframing software. It makes work fun!

"Using Balsamiq is the greatest thing to ever happen to my mind." - Nicole Sunderland
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Learn To Wireframe

Online courses and resources to learn wireframing and UI Design through our Wireframing Academy.

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"Really useful - great work by the Balsamiq team in putting this UI Design resource together." - Rob Whiting
Learn UI Design with Balsamiq and Paul Boag
Balsamiq Team together during our annual Retreat

Our Company

All about our little independent, long-lasting, friendly company. We like to compete on usability and customer service.
We're good people, and we care.

"The customer support team at Balsamiq is one of the most helpful I've ever encoutered" - Nakul Verma
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How We Give Back

We believe that doing good in the world is the right thing to do, regardless if it's good for business or not.

"You guys are amazing. Your dedication to open source, as well as charities is astonishing. Thank you balsamiq for caring!" - Justin
How We Give Back

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We also integrate with Google Drive, Atlassian Confluence and Jira.