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How We Do Marketing

At Balsamiq, we take a very broad view of the term 'marketing'. Our product is marketing, our customer service is marketing, even our Privacy Policy is marketing.

Every interaction is a chance to impress, or disappoint. So, we try our best in everything we do, without being pushy or dishonest.

Here's a collection of marketing-related writings we've written over the years. Hopefully you'll find something useful here! 🙂

Startup Marketing Advice from Balsamiq

Retrace Balsamiq’s early beginnings with this set of techniques to get noticed when you’re just getting started. It worked for us, and we had a lot of fun!

The Balsamiq Marketing Checklist

A handy checklist to help us craft good marketing messages. We use it anytime we write a new blog post, documentation article, tutorial, FAQ, even a little Tweet!

User Research: How to Start Talking to Your Users

Talking to your users is 1,000 times better than looking at analytics. And it's EASY! Here's a little guide to get you started with interviewing users.

Peldi's 15 Tips For Public Speaking

If you want to give a talk at an event, you need to get invited, have useful things to share, know the audience, work on the structure... Here are our tips for you.

Tools We Use for Brand Monitoring

From the old RSS to more sophisticated solutions, here are all the tools we used over time to scan the web and find out what is being said about Balsamiq.

How We Do Content Discovery

Content discovery for us means all the activities we do related to finding excellent content, no matter the tool or channel, to share with our community.

Tools We Use for Social Scheduling

Social Media demands a constant stream of content and links to share. You could do it manually, but there are several tools that can help you. Here’s how we do it.

Tips for Creating Great Screencast Recordings

Screencast recording can be a time consuming task, but to us video demonstration is invaluable. Here are some tips for getting the best out of your screencasts.

How to do Graphic Design for Balsamiq's Company Retreat

Learn all about the graphic design process behind our 2019 Company Retreat: hoodie, t-shirt, map, posters... Some little details can make a big difference!