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How We Do Product Management

For a tool originally designed for Product Managers, you might be surprised to hear that we didn't have formal PMs at Balsamiq for over a decade.

Our founder Peldi was performing PM functions for a long time, but mostly unconsciously. It took a scary experiment to open his eyes to the urgent need to formalize this position inside our company.

Now we have two levels of Product Management: a few product-focused PMs, and one company-focused one (Peldi).

Here are some resources on how we do PM things. Enjoy!

How We Prioritize Product Work

Features, bugs, chores: a behind-the-scenes look at how we decide to work on. Because no matter how big your product team is, there’s only so much you can push.

The Whole Product Concept

There is more to your product than your code. Support, documentation, training, APIs, portable data, a promising roadmap, fair pricing, a reputable brand...

How We Run Betas and Gammas

Beta programs are a common way to reduce risk when shipping new software. We like to take it a step further and run Gammas, as well! Less stress, more quality.

Priority Review Boards

Quarterly roadmap meetings are great for making big plans, but how can we make much-needed smaller, everyday decisions? We use PRBs!

Why We Integrate with Other Platforms

Having a few key strategic add-ons improves the balance and lowers the risk in our portfolio of products, and lets us offer more choices to our customers.