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Caring For Our Team

A few of our people-first HR policies

We constantly evolve our HR policies to keep up with the needs of our growing staff.

This section includes a few of the policies that have withstood the test of time.

Minimum Vacation Days

We used to have an unlimited vacation days policy, but it backfired. We fixed it by switching to a minimum days system: Take at least 20 days off a year.

Time Off for Exercise

Instead of paying for someone’s gym, which not everyone has access to or needs, we give our employees a more precious resource: time for doing physical activity.

Profit Sharing

We’re not for sale, so giving stock options is pointless. Instead, we set up a profit sharing program and distribute 20% of profits to employees each quarter.

Employee Donations

Giving back to our communities is a big part of our culture. Every year we donate 3% of our profits to a number of nonprofits, chosen by our employees.