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Building Teams And Culture

How do we build a cohesive team when everyone is remote?

It starts with a strong set of company values, but it requires ongoing effort and experimentation.

Balsamiq's Company Values

An introduction to the values that guide our company culture.

We're Good People, and We Care

We focus on the human. We believe who we are and how we treat others matters. This is our first company value because if we do this well, all the others follow.

Give (and Earn) Trust & Respect

We choose to trust that most interactions start from a place of honesty, but we also know that trust is earned through being accountable for our actions.

Be a Great Teammate

It is in our best interest to be helpful and supportive teammates to one another. Knowledge work is all about collaboration. We strive to be great at it.

Be So Good They Can't Ignore You

This Steve Martin quote symbolizes our goal to always produce our best possible work in every field. We value quality over quantity, and strive for excellence.

Aim for Longevity

Building a multi-generational business requires a constant focus on the long-term in all aspects of our company: people, product, finances, and processes.

Always be Kaizening

Life-long learning and continuous improvement are key aspects of how we work. There is always something more to learn, something that can be improved.

Tips for Cultivating Teaminess as a Global, Remote Company

Remote working is almost normal nowadays. Here are 7 proven tricks to cultivate teaminess, the feeling of belonging to a team, in a distributed company.

Slack Tips and Custom Emojis

Slack is our remote office and the most important tool for communicating in Balsamiq. We collected 11 tips we use to turn it into a more efficient, richer tool.