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Aim for Longevity

We think about the long-term impact in all aspects of our company: our people, our product, our finances, and our processes. We look to make our workloads sustainable, and our roadmaps accommodating. We are OK with being normal in some of our choices, and not following the latest trends. We make decisions that are based on carefully measured risks so that our company is focused on enduring times of difficulties. We are financially conservative, making sure that our business model allows us to remain independent by remaining profitable. We want to be generous — both to our people and to our community. We invest our time, talent, and money in the solutions that seem best for the future of our company, our team, and our users.


While being experimental, we also are OK with normal. We are not show offs. We are just normal people who make a great product and sell it at a fair price. We aren't concerned with bandwagons or "what everyone else is doing". We don't feel pressed to follow the latest trends. We are just concerned with being us — doing extraordinary things — and having fun doing it.


We seek to set up processes, make product and financial decisions, and build teams in a way that creates resilience, longevity, and allows us to weather any storm. We invest in our company, but also in our people. We want to support their personal and career growth. We look at long-term effects over short-term benefits. We don't take risks that would put our people or customers at risk. We are in a marathon, not a sprint and are here for the journey.

Financially conservative and profitable

We have a proven business model that allows us to be profitable. We are also financially conservative, and don't make rushed decisions that would put the company at risk. We take measured risks financially, and work to make sure we have enough in the bank to give us options for a "rainy day." Being sure to maintain some financial resources provides us stability, reduces stress, and gives us the freedom to make choices that match our other company values. We try to be conscious of where our money is going. Our personal budgets allow us to individually make choices on how to be effective with the money we have. We aren't stingy and do spend to celebrate and improve our lives, but we pay attention to not being wasteful or foolish with our money.


We value generosity. We give our time and resources without thinking twice about it. We try to always assume positive intent, and have an abundance mindset. We try to be generous with charities, salaries, benefits, with employees and customers, and other places where our time and money makes a difference in the world.