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Always be Kaizening

Our team is filled with talented, skilled, and knowledgeable people, but we are also humble enough to know that there is always something more to learn — something that can be improved. We want to encourage folks to be brave to try new things. We know this means things won't be perfect, and we try to approach these imperfections with patience and a readiness to forgive. We see everything we do as an experiment, and are ready to course-correct at any point. We like to be passionate about what we do, and optimistic about what we could do. We try to see change as an opportunity for growth. The more adaptable our people are, the more adaptable our company will be, and the easier it will be to help people rid the world of bad software.

Talented, skilled, and knowledgeable

We value competence on our team. We seek talented, knowledgeable, and able team members. We encourage and value team members becoming more skilled at their particular field and craft.


We realize since we are all humans, we are imperfect. We strive to be humble in the face of our peers, admitting when we are wrong, willing to be teachable (and approachable), and realizing we always have something new to learn. As a company, we refrain from a tone of bragging or posturing about our importance. We are quick to share credit for successes, and celebrate when others grow and take on new things.

Improving and learning

We believe in constant improvement. Not just our company, but ourselves as well. We are curious and always open to learning. We have used the word kaizen for many years to note we constantly are improving processes, tools, and policies. We are humble enough to know we have room to grow. We strive to provide opportunities and a healthy environment for personal growth and promote learning.

Forgiving and patient

We try to be forgiving and patient with customers and each other. We're not "zero tolerance" kind-of people. We know people can make mistakes, and we give them a chance to learn and recover. It can feel frustrating that once problems are recognized, solutions don't always come immediately. However, like our software which focuses on incremental iterations to make design better, we strive to be patient knowing that change and improvement take time to develop.


We value innovation and embrace experimentation. We're not afraid to be unique. Our success has allowed us to experiment with how we run and manage our business. We can be unorthodox with how we handle things (like no-question refunds), generally not be influenced by market fashions, and focus on what we feel is best for our users, each other, and our company, preserving what makes us Balsamiq. We have an openness to trying different approaches and promote curiosity and creativity. We try to never settle and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

Optimistic and passionate

We are positive people. We are passionate, motivated, and enthusiastic people. We seek to have pride in and are dedicated to the work we do.


Balsamiq values adaptability. We try to keep agile — from finding and fixing bugs quickly, to shifting development plans. We are willing to try new things, and not afraid of change. We create policies, guidelines, and processes to improve our work, but try to remember we should adapt and change them whenever they no longer do that. Our roles, teams, and work change over time, and that fluidity helps us be resilient and resourceful.