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Be a Great Teammate

Our highly collaborative work environment requires that we all develop some skills to self-manage, making sure our work and pace are in alignment with our teammates and their needs. It is in our best interest to be helpful and supportive teammates to one another. We try to focus on strong communication, and be open and transparent, sharing our praise and feedback as honestly as possible. We approach leadership roles not as a position of power or prestige, but that of servant leadership — helping to build and support the team and the company.


We try to have a collaborative atmosphere where everyone helps each other succeed. We value the benefits of cooperation over competition. We have a “we’re better because we’re together” mindset. We know that being a good team player requires a lot of work and the development of many attributes including: patience, positive attitude, willingness to listen, self confidence, and humility.


We try to be autonomous and self-manage our work. Our project-based, remote environment requires every person at Balsamiq to work on developing their communication, organization, and time management skills. We strive to be able to be self-starters and be able to work independently. We each are responsible for making sure our own work is completed and done well.

Helpful and supportive

We value a willingness to help. We feel supported by our teams and co-workers, knowing they will help when they can. We will "lean in" and do more when we see our colleagues or community need our help. That's because we are eager to help our customers, no matter what their issue is.


We value excellent communication. We know great communication skills are essential for collaboration and for a distributed company. Good communication is a variety of things: conveying content in a short and well-written text, knowing the right channel to use for a certain discussion, knowing who should be involved, and knowing when and how to transform discussion into action. We strive to communicate clearly, with sincerity, honesty, efficiency, and in a time-appropriate way.

Open and transparent

We value being open and transparent. We share our "pits" as well as our successes. We strive for honest communication with customers and inside the company. We work to share major information (about development, finance, strategy, administration) with everyone. We try to include the company in major decisions, as well as try to keep other teams and individuals informed about our work, particularly the "whys" behind it.


We value sharing and how it connects people and ideas. We share responsibilities, joys, failures, and success, which makes us feel committed to each other. We value sharing knowledge with one another as well as with our community. We encourage our users to submit their ideas and suggestions. By learning to teach and share with others, we also expand our own knowledge through the process of structuring content in a digestible format, and open ourselves up to ask for suggestions and accept criticism.

Servant leadership

We value our flatter structure and resistance to large rigid hierarchy. Not having a corporate ladder to climb means that we get to be humans in the spaces we are good at — not worried about what else we have to do in order to "advance" ourselves. However, we also recognize leadership and the value specific individuals bring to the decision-making process. We support a servant-leader management style which focuses on listening, supporting, and serving the needs of the team first, rather than leading from a place of power. We recognize certain key individuals for decision-making, not because they have authority over us, but because they have become trusted voices for our teams through experience, knowledge, and expertise in a certain area.