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Be So Good They Can't Ignore You

This Steve Martin quote reminds us the work we create and the way we create it matters. We aim to be efficient and effective in our tasks, and have a strong output, no matter what we are creating. Our goal is to keep our company like we keep our product: simple and focused. We value productivity and want to be proactive in looking for ways to do things better. We value quality over quantity, and strive to create great things that make people awesome.

Efficient and effective

We value rapid iteration, and look to discover inefficiencies in our processes and communication so they can be improved or removed. But going fast isn't always ideal, because working too fast can result in ending up at the wrong destination. We believe planning and time should be taken to assure the right approach has been considered, and the right people and information gathered. To be both efficient and effective, we seek to correctly identify the problem, before building a solution.

Simple and focused

We believe in simplicity over complexity. We try to have a focused and singular vision for our product. We focus on a particular niche: we are working on solving one particular problem in the best way possible. In our policies and processes, we try to be lean and nimble, focusing on creating less work.


We value getting stuff done. We have strong work ethics and work on being industrious, productive, and efficient whenever possible.


We are proactive and value initiative. We don't wait if we see a problem or something that could be improved, we take action in finding a solution.


Balsamiq values quality over profit. We genuinely care about making a good product that people will find useful, well-supported, and enjoyable. We take pride in doing great work and striving for excellence. We are a results-orientated workplace — how long and when we work is less important than the quality of work we produce.