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Balsamiq's Company Values

We have 6 company values. We hope they give a sense of who we are, or at least who we try to be. We use them as reference points to maintain and improve our company culture.

How we do our daily work, reach decisions, and treat ourselves, one another, and our community, is driven by our company values.

The values we created are intentionally complex.

Each value has 3 layers: a phrase, the description of a phrase, and a deep dive into the words behind that phrase.

Some of the words and concepts may even seem at odds with one another. We like it that way! We view it as a beneficial tension.

We aren’t looking for catchy phrases that are good for marketing. We want our values to inspire healthy and meaningful discussions that result in being better as individuals, as a team of people, and as a company.

We know we will never live up to these values completely. We’ll always be striving to do these things better.

If you want to celebrate with us for how we’ve lived up to our values, or give us a nudge when you think we’ve missed the mark or could do better, please send us your feedback!

If you are ready to start reading the values, here is the first: We're Good People, and We Care.