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Give (and Earn) Trust & Respect

Being respectful to one another, be it a customer, vendor, or co-worker, is very important to us. It's what allows us to be as fun, friendly, and easy going as possible. We choose to trust that most interactions start from a place of honesty, and that we will be fair with one another. But we also know that trust is earned through being accountable to ourselves and our teammates for our actions. We recognize the need for balance in many things: Our work is important, but so also are our personal lives. We are given a lot of freedom, but we also carry responsibilities to our team, our partners, our customers, and our community. Striving to maintain a balance of contrasting values is what allows us flexibility in managing schedules, our work, and deciding what projects we work on.


We have an ideal that we should have respect for everyone: our co-workers, customers, and community. This means we are friendly, kind, considerate, and respect that a person's time and dignity are valuable to them, and to the company as a whole. Well-being (physical, emotional, financial, and intellectual) of people who work for Balsamiq is very important to us. Being respectful also means being open to learning and changing our behaviors when our words or actions have negatively impacted someone else.

Fun, friendly, and easy going

Balsamiq is fun, playful, and we appreciate a good sense of humor. We work with friendly folks and take time to enjoy being together.

We try to have a calm and easy-going approach. We do our best to create a low-stress work environment. We will change timelines if it means that it will relieve stressful conditions and do not usually have high-pressure deadlines.

We seek to make sure that work is sustainable. Allowing everyone the possibility to work from home gives us flexibility to take more time to care for ourselves as well as our work. We also know working from home, it can be tempting to work all the time, but we actively promote a culture that encourages people to pace themselves so they don't accumulate stress or burn out.


Our ideal culture is based on honesty and integrity. We try our best to be truthful and not feel pressure to make excuses. We try to make ethical decisions, carefully considering the best thing to do, even if it isn't the easy thing. We are honest with each other and our community about our strengths and our weaknesses — even if it might lose customers. We are not afraid to face the uncomfortable aspects of being honest, candid, and direct, because we know long-term it is the right thing to do.


We do everything we can to be fair to each other and fair to our customers. We seek to be just and equitable in our decisions. This could be something like making sure someone isn't "screwed over," refunding a year's worth of payments because a customer wasn't using the product, or making sure company policies are created that can be applied consistently to everyone.


Our ideal culture is one of trust. We are given clear authority and autonomy in certain areas. This culture is built on respect, caring, and high expectations for one another, which allow for a great level of independence. Being trusted with responsibility helps us feel proud, appreciated, and valuable. We also give our colleagues and customers the benefit of the doubt, trusting their intentions before jumping to conclusions.


We value accountability. This means we own our outcomes and are responsible for our own work. We rely on one another to be dependable, reliable, and accountable. This means we take time to make sure expectations, ownership, and roles are clear. Accountability and clear ownership means we also are proactive, thinking ahead about how something can be improved or a problem avoided. We keep our commitments to one another and to our customers.


We value balance over extremes. We recognize that many of the things we value are in direct tension with other values, and we like it that way! We value a good work/life balance for everyone who works at Balsamiq. We are hard workers and achievers, but recognize work is only a part of our existence. Family, friends, relationships, hobbies, activities, and experiences outside of work are important to us as humans. We put people first, but also recognize we need to be financially viable as a company in order to do that well. We want to give each other freedom and flexibility but also recognize our work, choices, and actions impact others around us.


Flexibility is one of the fundamental building blocks of Balsamiq. We are given a lot of flexibility to prioritize and set our own schedules, what projects we will work on and when, and have many opportunities to pursue ideas and new things. We also have room to interpret and grow in our jobs. We value policies that are not too constricting or rigid, and promote giving people the ability to choose what works best for them.