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We're Good People, and We Care

We believe who we are and how we treat others matters. We are concerned with being kind and caring people. We strive to embody empathy in our interactions with each other, our customers, and our community. We care about our product and the ethics of how we create it (from ideation to distribution). We aim to create a safe, welcoming, and socially conscious environment where we are enriched by diverse points of view and ways of thinking, and where we actively consider how our business choices affect others and the world at large. Our focus on the human individual also means we are customer-focused and aim to provide outstanding customer support.


Kindness is important to us. We individually seek to be thoughtful about how our words and actions affect others. We are thankful for our people and reward them by giving them generous time-off, dedicated time to learn and grow in their field (and as humans), time to better their health, and with bonuses + other monetary means of thanks.


We try to be empathy manifested, both to our customers and to each other. Attempting to always be mindful of where others are coming from, it is our goal to practice having more compassion.


Our ideal culture is a safe work environment. We are surrounded by teammates with whom we can disagree. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and improve and we feel comfortable saying "I don't know." We are non-judgmental of different ideas, opinions, and failures, do not deflect blame on others, and work together to lift ourselves (and the company) up. We are willing to be vulnerable with one another to admit when we made a mistake, have an unpopular idea, or are feeling insecure. This also means we are open, approachable and strive not to be defensive when hearing difficult feedback from our teammates or when someone disagrees with our point of view.

Socially conscious

We try to be socially conscious. That means attempting to be good citizens: giving to charities, helping others in our various communities, aiming for altruism, and helping each other as well. We care about the world at large — the environment, social systems, and marginalized groups. We try to make it better with everything we do, and do our best to pay attention to the consequences of our company vision and actions on our world.


We value diversity. We are a global company and appreciate the benefits different perspectives, languages, and experiences bring. We strive to be a place where everyone is treated equally. Diversity can be found in many ways: race, gender identity, creed, work history, interests, culture. We try to be aware of our differences and make sure people feel welcome and comfortable. We try to challenge ourselves to look for our own blindspots and hidden biases when it comes to diversity. Our combined strengths and flaws will make for a stronger company, and better product for our customers.


We put people before profits in our decision-making. We consider the human impact our software has on our community. Improving the human experience and human relationships is important to us, and we are attentive to making sure our business practices, company policies, and software development processes keep humanity at their center.

Customer focused

We value and are proud of our emphasis on our end users. We do our best to respect them by providing excellent, friendly customer service. We aim to provide some of the best customer service of any company, and we do that by respecting our customers, and making everything we do "user-centric". We believe our customers' success is our success. A main goal of our product development and design aims to listen carefully to the interests and improve the experience of our users. We are also committed to our customers and the promises we make to them.