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1.5 Weekly Release: What’s New This Week

I am starting to batch updates and releasing once a week (Sunday morning, Italian time). I used to "fix it an release it" but now that the product is more mature I feel that "slowing down" to a weekly release cycle is the right thing to do. 🙂

This week, the new build brings us:

  • curvature property for arrows (GetSatisfaction thread):
  • "Empty Text" support: empty text is now accepted in lots and lots of control types. No more "use a space" workaround needed! (GetSatisfaction thread 1 and thread 2)
  • Checkbox and RadioButton controls now support text styles like size, underline, etc. (GetSatisfaction thread)
  • I fixed a bug with positioning of controls when cloning via the ALT+drag method
  • I fixed a bug in the right-click unlock menu, now it properly says "Unlock Group" instead of just "Unlock "

I also fixed a few bugs during the week and pushed them right away (the most important had to do with PNG images failing to export in some cases) .

You can download the new version in the usual places:

Two Reminders:

I also updated the website a bit with some FAQs and more up-to-date company info.


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (1)

  1. Good call, Peldi, with the weekly releases. It brings a bit of order
    to things. I think I need to do the same.

    Steve McLeod