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2000 Customers

Hi there, just a quick post to record the fact that today marked the 2000th customer of Balsamiq Mockups.

That's 2000 monetary transactions, the number of Mockups users could easily be double that - lots of people buy volume licenses and a single Mockups for JIRA license can cover a whole organization. Not to mention the hundreds of licenses we gave away so far.

To celebrate the occasion, I have updated the customers page with a partial list of customers (just companies, I left out individuals of course) and of free license recipients (scroll down the page to see them).

The thing that makes me most proud is that there are lots of companies on the list which I really admire and look up to, it's a great satisfaction to know that they appreciate my little product enough to buy it.

Speaking of the customers page: every customer has agreed to the license agreement which states that I am allowed to post their name on that page, but if you'd like me to take your company's name down for any reason I'd be happy to do so immediately.

In case you are wondering I am currently adding over 130 new customers each week, but I don't have enough data points to know if it's a stable figure or not. I'm hoping it will keep growing! 😉

Also, 2000 customers is a lot for just two people to support (my wife Mariah is in charge of giving licenses away). I don't feel completely swamped yet, and my customers still seem pretty happy overall,  but I'm really excited about not being a two-person company for much longer...more news on that soon...not soon enough actually! 😉

Here's another link to the updated customers page.

Ok, back to bug-fixing!


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (7)

  1. I have been following you for quite a while now, and you are really exceptional. You are a true inspiration to real entrepreneurs.

    Would love to see startup blogs, such as TechCrunch, covering more companies like yours (rather than the usual no-revenue-plan companies they over-cover).

    I really think you will have a very profitable business down the road and will have no problem attracting investors when/if you decide to scale more.

    Also, thank you for sharing so much. You are the second RSS feed on my Yahoo page (after Techmeme and way before TC).

    Congrats and keep it on.

  2. Congratulations Peldi! Amazing that it took off so fast.

  3. 303 Software in the house!

  4. Congrats, Peldi! With that tempo you risk stopping being a Micro-ISV soon 🙂 See you at Atlassian Summit!

  5. 2000 customers in 56 countries?
    Amazing! Congrats to you and Mariah.
    It’s great to see you succeed like that.

    Best wishes for 09,

  6. Sweeeeeeeeeet! congrats Peldi. You deserve it for all the Saturday FMS sessions you did ;). You are inspiration man! So much so, that I launched our own little venture ( this week after 7 months of working insanely on it. We can only dream 🙂

    [Peldi: Kenny, first of all, thanks so much. Second of all, congrats on dreamsocket! It looks really well thought-out and it fits a need a lot of people have. Best of luck!]