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Archives / Month: October 2009

October 30th, 2009

Tools We Use for Running Our Startup

Hi there. I've been wanting to write this post for a long time, but things were still evolving too much for me to come up with a definite list....

By Peldi
October 28th, 2009

Weekly Release: OS X Extras and More!

Update: The Spotlight plugin for the Mac is no longer working and maintained. We plan to address this issue in the Mac version in the future. Hi there! I...

By Peldi
October 23rd, 2009

Listen to This Blog

Hi there, just a quick post to let you know that you can now listen to the most popular posts on this blog via the new blog-to-podcast service from...

By Peldi
October 21st, 2009

Weekly Release: Custom Properties and Bug Fixes

Hi there, just a small release this week since we're focused on the web app. New "Custom Properties" feature This feature is especially useful if you're using one of...

By Peldi
October 12th, 2009

Weekly Release: Image Improvements, Bug Fixes...

Hi all. Another week, another release. 🙂 Here's what's new: all the good stuff we announced last week is now live in 1.6: account and project assets folders, pasting...

By Peldi
October 8th, 2009

[Pre-Release] Better Image Handling, Assets Folders...

Hi all. I hope this finds you well. We have decided to not do an official release this week because we made some pretty big changes we need your...

By Peldi
October 6th, 2009

Mockups for JIRA: Now with User-Based Pricing!

So Atlassian released JIRA 4.0 today. It is HUGE: killer usability coupled with awesome powers, the way very few companies know how to do. Beyond the new features, we...

By Peldi