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Archives / Month: February 2011

February 11th, 2011

Workiamo: Heads Down in UX at Balsamiq

It's been a little quiet on this blog. I'm sorry about that. The time between my last post about getting relaunched and now has been rather busy. Mostly,...

By Mike
February 11th, 2011

Release: Select on Layers, Linux 32bit Installer and Bug Fixes

Hello friends! Another week, another sweet little release! 🙂 Here's what's new today: A way to select elements hidden behind other controls As we say on our manifesto, if...

By Peldi
February 3rd, 2011

What a Release! Autosave, Toggle Markup, PDF Export Options, New Icons, Native Installers, and More!

Hello friends! We have so much cool stuff for you today, it's hard to believe it's only been two weeks since our last release. Let's get right to it....

By Peldi