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Archives / Month: January 2013

January 29th, 2013

New Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Click here for updated Keyboard Shortcut Docs and downloadable PDF. We've updated the Mockups Keyboard Shortcuts cheat sheet to reflect new shortcuts in 2.2. You can view the HTML...

By Mike
January 19th, 2013

A GREAT Little Release

Hello friends of Balsamiq! Today's release is both great and little. The great part is that we moved to a more modern version of the Flex framework, which allows...

By Peldi
January 8th, 2013

Go from Mockup to Code with Reify

The following is a guest blog post by Raymond Ha of Isomorphic Software. Enjoy! Hi, Everyone, Iā€™m Ray from Isomorphic Software, the creators of SmartClient and Smart GWT. If...

By Leon
January 7th, 2013

Build a Project Mockup Using Balsamiq

"Balsamiq Mockups is a tool that helps developers to create wireframes and communicate with clients and coworkers with visual representations of their design plans."

By Peldi