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Best Balsamiq Sightings of 2016

Thanks to the tools we use for brand monitoring, we are able to know about almost every wireframe made in Balsamiq and published online.

The best part of it? Finding out unusual and ingenious ways to use Balsamiq Mockups!

Let's take a look at the Best Sightings of 2016!

Before and After

One thing that always fascinates us is seeing a wireframe-cocoon taking life and become a beautiful butterfly 🙂

"Stranger Things"

Another thing we truly love is when people use our little wireframing tool to do something that IS NOT a website or app wireframe. For example...

...a conceptual diagram from an article about Data Visualization:

...or a sketch just to get something explained:

...but also beautiful user journey maps:

and storyboards:

...or a Curriculum Vitae looking for a job. Good luck!

Giorgio used Balsamiq to make... slides!

The Amuse UX Conference organizers came up with a creative contest to assign the ticket included in our sponsorship package. Here is the winner:


Our eyes go heart-shaped when we see students of all ages working with Balsamiq. A special thanks to their teachers and professors! BTW, our next newsletter is about the Balsamiq Free Program!

Fancy Sightings

These. Are. Gorgeous!

Fun Sightings

These images made us smile 🙂

We share all of those sightings in the #lovefest Slack room. They give a boost to our day, so please, keep them coming!

Francesca for the Balsamiq Team

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