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[Release] Another Nice Little Release

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Hello friends of Balsamiq!

Another month, another nice little release to make you even more awesome at wireframing! 🙂

Let's dive right in.

Automatic Repositioning of Aligned Labels

This little and nearly invisible feature will save you loads of time, especially if you create forms.

When labels are auto-sized, we now respect their text alignment property and move them accordingly after you change the text.

It's much easier to show than to describe, take a look:


Thank you Marco B., Devin E., Tomas K. and Berthold N. for reporting this annoying little usability issue!

Duplicate an Alternate As a New Mockup

Ever wanted to turn an alternate into its own mockup? You used to have to select all, copy, create a new mockup and paste.

As of today, you can just select the new "Duplicate As New Mockup" feature and pronto, you're done! 🙂


Thanks Chris Gatland, John P., and Tomas Kepler for the feature request!

Shift+Scrollwheel for Horizontal Scrolling!

Are you on Windows and use a trackpad or a mouse with a mouse wheel? Or are you on Mac and use a Mighty Mouse? Then you might have gotten frustrated at our lack of support for horizontal scrolling.

Because of the platform we're using right now, we have limited support for horizontal scrolling, but we found a compromise! Just hold SHIFT and scroll up and down, and we'll interpret it as horizontal scrolling. Yay!

Thanks Steve M., Iain F., Michael B., dotNetCarpenter and all the people on this thread, William B., Colin Heics, Thom S., Sven H., Muzzafar A. and others for the feature request. We hope this little change will make you super-productive! 🙂

A Brand New Web Demo Project!

We spent some time to update the default project you see when you visit our Web Demo Version.


We now show a bunch of our newest features, and teach you how to use them. We even include some sample interactive prototypes in it to use as a starting point.

Take a look!

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with exporting PDF when a mockup contained a link with a % character in it. Thanks Jeff A. for reporting it!
  • Fixed an issue with links not showing up in the right place in exported PDFs when the mockups were really tall. Thanks obg for reporting it!
  • Fixed an issue with links in PDFs not respecting the z-Order in some cases. Thanks Luis C. and Jeff B. for reporting it!
  • Fixed an issue with exporting Arrow controls to BMML in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue with the "remove overrides" button in the inspector maintaining focus. Thanks Kevin for reporting it!
  • Fixed an issue with Symbol overrides getting committed even after hitting Escape in some circumstances. Thanks for the bug report russ!
  • Fixed an issue with the mockup name tooltip not refreshing immediately after a duplicate or rename operation. Thanks Samuel D. and Robson W. for reporting it!
  • Fixed an issue with the Page Up and Page Down keys turning off Markup in some situations on Windows in Full Screen Presentation Mode. Thanks grebe for reporting it!
  • CTRL+D now duplicates the current mockup when the focus is in the navigator. Thanks Michael H. for requesting it!
  • The little helper icon next to the Links inspector pointed to a 404 page. That's now fixed.
  • Fixed a strange little issue with the DataGrid showing the wrong label color in some cases. Thanks russ for the bug report!
  • Added support for the {mockup-name} macro in the Browser control. A good idea by cschriemer!
  • Fixed an old issue with text links when the URL contains - or _ characters. Finally!
  • Fixed an issue with the Button control not showing the text if the font size was set to 30 or higher.
  • We now properly center the line inside the H.Rule and V.Rule controls. Such a simple little thing, but so useful! Thanks so much ArcticMe for reporting the issue!
  • Fixed an issue with the Formatting Toolbar control not exporting properly in some cases.
  • Fixed a little regression in the help menu in the web versions (it was showing Register... as if it was on Desktop).
  • We now default to showing all branches of the mockups navigator as being open instead of closed. It gives you a better sense of the contents and size of the project when you first open it.
  • Fixed an issue with export to ZIP failing in some rare cases. Thanks for Ben G. reporting it!
  • We now fully disable Quick Draw when overriding symbol instances.
  • We restored the old v2 behavior of the Links Inspector when multiple controls are selected. Thanks Colin M., Chris G., and Colin McQ. for reporting it!

How do I update?

If you're using the Web Demo, Mockups 3 for Google Drive or Mockups 3 for JIRA Cloud, you're already updated.

For other versions, simply install from our download page on top of your current installation. You won't have to re-register.

As always, if you hit any snags with the new build let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up! 🙂

For posterity, today's release is build 3.3.11 (if you are wondering about the skip in minor version since our 3.3.9 announcement, it's because build 3.3.10 was released silently to fix a little bug, only in our web-based versions).

MARCH 16, 2016 UPDATE: we just did a tiny 3.3.12 release to fix this bug.

What else is going on?


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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