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A Little Market-y Post

Hi there, a quick market-y post to let you know about a few things that happened today:

  • We are sponsoring LessConference, a one-day conference happening in Jacksonville, Florida, on Oct 17th. We love the speakers, we liked the other sponsors, we like what the organizers stand for. In other words, we wanted to be part of that club, so when the guys at LessEverything approached us about the sponsorship, we jumped at the chance. What's in it for you? We're giving away TWO tickets for the conference! All you have to do to win one is head over to our Facebook page, become a fan (in case you still haven't), and "like" Valerie's post about the raffle. We'll pick two names out of the pool randomly in 48 hours. Go!
  • I was interviewed by Jason Cohen of "A Smart Bear" fame, one of my favorite blogs in the world wide internet webs. It's a long and deep interview, which might be interesting to you. Here's the link.
  • There's a Twitter Poll (a twtpoll?) going on titled "What's your favorite wireframing tool?", and we have a big lead. Thanks so much! Head over there if you'd like to vote (please only vote once) or click here to see the results.

OK this concludes this quick "tooting our own horn" interruption, we're going back to work now. 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (2)

  1. sponsorship is one of the best marketing strategy to get people to know your company.

  2. We’re excited to have Balsamiq as a sponsor! We LOVE Balsamiq!