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A Little Update and a Record Day

· Posted by Peldi in Products · 4 Comments

I just published a build with a few bug-fixes:

  • the Tree no longer goes crazy if you use system fonts (thanks Travis Jensen for reporting it)
  • the DataGrid selection is no longer off by one (thanks Don Coleman for reporting it)
  • I finally gave a white background to all of the controls that I think need it
  • Drag-and-drop in the Desktop version was off by 15 pixels after adding the Ribbon, it's fixed now (I published this update already yesterday during the day)

Another exciting bug-fix for Mockups for Confluence customers is that it appears that Atlassian has fixed issue CONF-12235 in the upcoming 2.9 version of Confluence, which means that if you update the "Add UI Mockup" link shows up in all themes, hurray!

I have a long TODO list for improvements to the app, but I have decided to only do bug-fixes like the ones above for the next few days...I need some time to properly prioritize everything and I don't want to rush out half-backed features.

The other reason is that I am struggling to survive the "ReadWriteWeb effect" - thanks again Marshall and congrats on the big news! - yesterday was my peak day in terms of traffic (4,400+ visitors), reviews and mentions (not sure how many, but Techrunch France is worth a mention), emails to deal with (92!) and sales (I won't say because it's ridiculous...let's just say that I sold more yesterday than all of last week).

I am taking a few hours off today to go to the beach and decompress, see you back online tonight! 🙂


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (4)

  1. Time to hire a minion (or several 😉 Have you seen for relatively quick hires? It’s a great site for hiring freelancers (the only site in my opinion).

    So how many sales did you make yesterday?!?

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the warm wishes too. Enjoy the beach!

    Marshall Kirkpatrick
  3. Fantastic! Sounds like bug fixes are in your future, but if you are looking for JIRA beta testers just let me know.

  4. You should put some photos of the beach in your blog 😉