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Welcome Ali Servet Donmez and Alasdair Manson!

Hello friends of Balsamiq!

Thanks to your continued support, our little company just keeps on growing!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the two newest member of the Balsamiq family.

Ali Servet Donmez

Ali is a full-stack programmer, and is going to be in charge of helping us work more efficiently by creating and maintaining web apps and tools for internal use. Yes, we're big enough now that we can afford the luxury of an internal tools developer! 🙂

Ali is also going to help with "all things Ops" and cyber security.

He is based out of his home in Cesena, Italy.

Alasdair Manson

Alasdair also goes by Ali - I know, this will be fun 😉 - and is our newest Customer Champion in Tech Support. He is based in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California.

Please help us welcome Ali and Alasdair by leaving a comment below.


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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  1. hey

    john mc
  2. Internal tools developer must be one of the most rewarding job for any developer that like to eat his own dog food!