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Balsamiq Sponsorships Update for April 2021

Hello friends!

Earth Day is coming soon and with climate change at the forefront of everyone’s mind it’s critical we look at our environmental impact and consider how we can operate in a more sustainable way.

In 2019 we completed construction on our new office which we lovingly call “The Nest” but we recognize that creating new structures is taxing on the environment.

Trying to think green, we made sure to replant the local flora on our roof that would have grown on the lot and we use solar panels to generate our own energy.

We try to be mindful about how much physical swag we create too, often opting to go with digital perks instead.

We’re glad many of the events we sponsor are taking similar steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Together we can make a difference!

Sponsored Events


That’s all for now. We’ll be back with more next month!

Amanda for the Balsamiq Team

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