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AtlasCamp, Podcast, Linked Mockups, Yay!

Hi there. It was a long day yesterday, with Lufthansa reminding me about how bad airplane food can be. 🙁

It's good to be back in the Bay Area, even for just a few days. It's a strange feeling, I've only been gone 6 months so it still feels like home a bit.

Anyways, AtlasCamp kicked off last night with a big dinner and introductions...the who's who of Atlassian plugin development is here, I have so much to learn!

I wanted to point out two links:

  • I got interviewed by one of my heros Bob Walsh (author of "Micro-ISV, from vision to reality") for his Startup Success podcast, which I had been listening to since they started, I recommend it! (my interview starts at around minute 19 of episode 4). Thanks so much Bob!
  • Michael Hackney just posted a tutorial on how to assemble multiple mockups into an HTML+image map+CSS "runnable" demo. I know many of you are waiting for this feature to be part of Mockups, but in the meantime you can use Michael's files as a template. Check out his sample demo, it's really cool! Thanks Michael!

Ok, time to get ready for a big day of learning!


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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  1. The click through would be great, not sure if this would be a step along the way, but even being able to click through single elements like tabs, drop downs and accordion boxes, would be nice to be able to fill in all the options / tabs, without needing multiple pages

  2. that’s a really cool feature – making mockups that you can click through / show pop-ups would be awesome.

    having a way to export the XML to XAML that could be used as a mockup for a Silverlight application would be an amazing time-saveer as well

  3. Update: Michael just posted an optimized version of his files here: – now with preloading! 🙂

    Peldi Guilizzoni