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Atlassian Webinar Video and Slides

Hi there. For those of you who came to the Atlassian Plugin of the Month webinar today, thanks so much for attending!

Huge thanks to Oren Teich of Replicate Technologies and Adam Wride of BigBrassBand for demoing the product!

If you missed it, here's a recording of it, courtesy of Atlassian TV.

[ sadly the video got lost over time. 🙁 Our apologies. ]

If you missed it, the $100 discount code is BBBREPL - valid until this Sunday, March 8th!

I am embedding the slides below as well. It was my first set of slides since reading Presentation Zen, and I'm pretty happy with them (you should see some of my old slide decks, brrr..). 🙂 The slides were made using SlideRocket, an online slideshow editor done in Flex. I hadn't used it since its very early days, and this time I was impressed with it, it's really polished and they seem to get the "whole product" concept, with the marketplace and all..

I also really like their online/offline flow (they have an AIR app for offline/backup playback). It confirms some of my ideas for how Mockups Online and Mockups for Desktop should interact - it's a vision that will take a few more months to realize, I'm looking forward to working on it! 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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