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So no-one liked WOPStudio, I was never really in love with it either. Plus someone pointed out that WOP doesn't really have very good connotations, given that I'm Italian and all. I had no idea!

Anyways, after much thinking I am now (hopefully) settled on Balsamiq Studios, or "balsamiq" for short.

The word "balsamic" conveys richness, smoothness, craftsmanship...and is something that improves whatever it is added to (just like my plugins will make any software better). Plus it's Italian like me.

The "q" makes it modern and Web2.0-ish (thanks for the idea Beau!), and I have already talked about the word "studio", though I am adding an "s" to it because I think that's the more common variation of it.

Anyways, I like the name, a lot. I feel like it reflects the qualities that I want my software to have: smooth, rich, the result of a lot of hard work, and made in Italy! 😉

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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