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November 13th, 2008

Introducing Mariah, Balsamiq's Better Half

Hi there. I am very pleased to introduce to you my wife and best friend Mariah. She has been the hand behind all of the UI controls in Balsamiq...

By Peldi
November 7th, 2008

AtlasCamp, Podcast, Linked Mockups, Yay!

Hi there. It was a long day yesterday, with Lufthansa reminding me about how bad airplane food can be. 🙁 It's good to be back in the Bay Area,...

By Peldi
November 5th, 2008

Off to AtlasCamp!

Hi there. Just a quick note to tell you that I'll be at AtlasCamp, Atlassian's first developer conference, from tomorrow (thu Nov 6th) until Monday night (Nov 10th). I...

By Peldi
October 19th, 2008

My Thoughts on Software Piracy

Are you worried about pirates stealing your software? Don't be! Read all about our approach here.

By Peldi
October 17th, 2008

Some Excellent ISV Advice from Jason Fried

This is so the video below...I could have given the exact same talk! OK, probably a lot less eloquently, but I am amazed at how closely what Jason...

By Peldi
October 16th, 2008

One More Way to Get Mockups for Desktop for FREE

Hi there, I have done this with a few people already and it's worked out so well that I have decided to make it a policy: starting today... If...

By Peldi
October 14th, 2008

Personal: What’s Your Story? Why Start Balsamiq?

The following is a story that I told many people already, but didn't think was interesting enough to put on my blog until a certain Tamales Princess I know...

By Peldi
October 9th, 2008

Balsamiq Mockups Page on Facebook

Hi there, just a quick note to let you know that I just created a Balsamiq page on Facebook. Become a fan and meet other people who like Mockups...

By Peldi
October 1st, 2008

500 Customers!

I just sold a license to my 500th customer! That's a much bigger number that I expected to reach in such a short time (it's been less than 3...

By Peldi
September 25th, 2008

8 Desktop Applications I Couldn't Live Without

I should really be doing something else right now, but I wanted to get this out. I think it'd be fair to say that I use "the cloud" and...

By Peldi
August 17th, 2008

Lessons Learned in Font Licensing

Hi there. If you have been following Balsamiq Mockups, you'll know that a number of potential customers have been turned off by my choice of "Comic Sans MS" as...

By Peldi
August 11th, 2008

$$ Tag for Twitter Ads? I Want to Pay For Twitter!

I love Twitter and can't remember life before it. It's a whole new channel of communication, with its own dynamics and conventions. I like how it fits nicely between...

By Peldi
August 7th, 2008

Balsamiq Mockups Makes Big Impression on Hacker Community

“Since its launch a few short months ago Balsamiq mockups has taken the hacker community by storm. Why? This is one of those rags to riches stories that inspire...

By Peldi
August 5th, 2008

Startup Marketing Advice from Balsamiq Studio

In August 2008 Balsamiq was starting to gain traction in the marketplace, just 2 months after launch. People asked me how I got noticed, so I wrote a blog...

By Peldi
July 30th, 2008

Balsamiq, a Mockup Creator in Air, Is on Fire

“It’s a great story of a creative entrepreneur using new technology to address a key market need and finding a healthy number of customers willing to pay for software....

By Peldi
July 30th, 2008

$10,000 in Revenue in the First 6 Weeks

The huge amount of attention that my "Profitable, in 3 weeks!" post has received so far tells me that there's a thirst for financial results of small bootstrapped startups...

By Peldi
July 11th, 2008

Profitable, in 3 Weeks!

Sorry for tooting my own horn here but I think my current and potential customers will be happy to hear that business is going well, so here it goes....

By Peldi
June 26th, 2008

Balsamiq: Week One Recap

Hi everyone. It's been now a full week since my official launch, and my what a ride it has been! I know the adventure is just getting started, but...

By Peldi
June 19th, 2008

Launch: Balsamiq is Open For Business!

What's happening: Balsamiq Studios LLC is launching today. What it means to you: Balsamiq Mockups 1.0 is now officially for sale, both as a Confluence plugin and as a...

By Peldi
June 18th, 2008

Mockups Demo: Over 100 Downloads in 6 Days

So I uploaded Mockups for Desktop to the Adobe AIR marketplace on Monday, and already it's showing 102 downloads of the demo app, plus my entry page is generating...

By Peldi
June 14th, 2008

Adobe Air as a Bridge between Now and the Future

So I went to the Adobe AIR tour Milan yesterday, which was fun and well organized. Adobe AIR is a "bridge product" in many ways: it lets you sync...

By Peldi
June 12th, 2008

Weekly Update - One Week to Launch

Hello there. As usual, I'm a little late with the weekly update (I might have to find a different name for it). This has been a busy 2 weeks....

By Peldi
June 6th, 2008

Thanks for Your Feedback

Last week I posted the following on the Business Of Software forums: Free Software in exchange for quality website feedback Hi there. I am less than a month away...

By Peldi
June 5th, 2008

Messagefirst Website: Wow.

I just stumbled upon today. All I can say is wow. It's been a long time since a website impressed me, so I had to share. Notice the...

By Peldi
May 25th, 2008

Weekly Update: A Month from Launch

The main new and exciting development this week is that I have decided to start selling the Dekstop (AIR) version of Mockups. I'll write a blog post about it...

By Peldi
May 21st, 2008

Making RSS Work for Your Micro-Isv

I just love RSS. I can't remember what life was like before it. I get all my news that way, via Google Reader on my iGoogle home page. I...

By Peldi
May 19th, 2008

Search Engine Optimization? Check! :)

I am extremely happy to report that turns up as the coveted #2 spot for Google searches for "web office plugins", which is exactly the space I am...

By Peldi
May 17th, 2008

Mockups Didn’t Make the Cut, Oh Well

So back in February I ran into this call for entry for the "Application Design Annual: Year's 10 Best UIs" and decided to apply, as a free marketing channel...

By Peldi
May 10th, 2008

Wow, That Was Hard

Sorry for not sending out updates for soe long, but it's been quite a hard and busy time since then. My family and I relocated from San Francisco to...

By Peldi
April 22nd, 2008

Weekly Update, a Bit Late

Hey there, sorry for not posting this last Sunday. Basically the update is that I haven't be carve out some uninterrupted time to focus on Mockups development this week....

By Peldi
April 22nd, 2008

UI Prototyping Discussions Kicking into High Gear

And it's about time! More and more people realize that usability is a key differentiating feature - remember Macromedia and their "experience matters" motto from 5 years ago? 🙂...

By Peldi
April 21st, 2008

Why Don’t I Host Mockups Myself?

A couple of beta testers have asked me why I don't host Mockups on as a ad-based or subscription-based niche Web 2.0 app. First let me get the...

By Peldi
April 18th, 2008

Preparing for Launch

Doing my homework in preparation for launch: Press for Startups: 10 tips 17 Tips For Getting Bloggers To Write About You The Art of Sucking Up Five Wrong Ways...

By Peldi
April 12th, 2008

Weekly Update: 2nd Week of April

Hi there, quick update. This past week: I fixed the remaining bugs in Mockups For Confluence. I spent 2 hours at Atlassian chasing down my last big bug only...

By Peldi
April 6th, 2008

Weekly Update: 1st Week of April

Man things are hectic around here, there are boxes everywhere! I just sold half of my personal belongings to my friends, crazy mixed feelings abound. Anyways, quick update: It...

By Peldi
April 1st, 2008

Weekly Update, a Bit Late

Hey there, here's what happened in Balsamiq-land since last week's update: I fixed the blocking Mockups+Confluence bugs I set up my build machine to post new builds of the...

By Peldi
March 23rd, 2008

Weekly Update: Week of March 17th

Hi there, I'll try to keep it short this time Coding - I finally got around to writing the licensing, serial-key / 30-day-trial code I needed. I was dreading...

By Peldi
March 16th, 2008

Weekly Update

Let's see, what did I do this week. Website: I wrote a few more pages, including the Privacy Policy (I know, fun). Still too many broken links though, I'm...

By Peldi
March 11th, 2008

Too Overwhelmed to Post

Hi there, you might be wondering what happened to me in the last couple of weeks. In short, so much has happened that I was too overwhelmed to write...

By Peldi
February 23rd, 2008

Email to Advisors for “About Us” Page

Here's another email I sent this week, asking for help. This time I wanted my advisors to send me a little blurb for my "about us" page, along with...

By Peldi
February 23rd, 2008

Introductory Email to a Lawyer

One of the reasons I have this blog is to help others like me who might be starting a software company on their own (micro-ISV-ers?). So if you are...

By Peldi
February 17th, 2008

Balsamiq update: Week of Feb 11th

Welcome to another long rambling weekly update. In this post: Product Updates: Mockups Website Update Beta Updates Business Updates What I’m reading How I’m feeling Product Updates: Mockups Fixed...

By Peldi
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