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Creating Project Templates and Examples for Polished UX and Bootstrap Projects

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We created a tutorial to give you some ideas for how to create project templates that contain elements you commonly use in your projects.

Along with this tutorial, we created two example templates.

The UX Template is designed for people working on UX Design projects who typically need to present a polished deck to clients. Here's a preview of what you'll find in this template.

The Bootstrap Template is designed for people who know they're going to be using Bootstrap, and want to use the text elements, and components common to the Bootstrap framework. Here's a preview of what you'll find in this template:

You'll find more information, including videos for how to get started in the tutorial.

Mike for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (4)

  1. Hello, does this works on balsamiq mockups 3.4.1 for windows ? thks

  2. Hi, Paul. Symbols are only supported in Mockups for Desktop, myBalsamiq, and Mockups for Google Drive currently.

    We have a tutorial for how you might make the files in Symbols Libraries useful in Confluence or JIRA here:

    Hope that helps a little.

  3. Nice, Mike. Can I import the Bootstrap template into my Atlassian On-Demand instance? I have Balsamiq in both JIRA and Confluence products.