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Giving Back to Our Community by Sponsoring the Bologna Ultimate Frisbee Teams

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From ages 17 to 30, Ultimate Frisbee was my main passion. I played on several teams, coached some, made T-Shirts, organized tournaments, and even created Ultilinks, the #1 Ultimate Frisbee website at the time. Everything I learned while studying Computer Science, I applied to something Ultimate-Frisbee-related. A friend I made through Ultimate helped me get my first job at Razorfish, and another friend did at Macromedia. Ultimate Frisbee taught me many lessons in life: about honesty, fair-play and that being competitive and ambitious doesn't have to be in contrast with being a good and decent person.

Yours truly making a diving catch, a loooong time ago... 🙂

While I was living in the US (from 1999 to 2008), the Ultimate scene in my home town of Bologna grew and grew, and is now the biggest and strongest ultimate city in Italy.

To give back to our local community, we have decided to sponsor the CUSB Bologna Ultimate organization for the next 3 years. They will be sharing their progress with us twice a year. Today's post is about all the work they're doing to teach Ultimate in middle and high schools all over town.

What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is an intense, spectacular and fun team sport. One of its most important rule has to do with the Spirit of The Game, a stronger version of sportsmanship and fair play. Thanks to this, Ultimate is the only team sport I know of that doesn't have referees, even at the highest levels (although things have changed a bit since I used to play).

Teaching Ultimate means teaching mutual respect, something our society needs more of these days.

What does CUSB Ultimate do to teach Ultimate?

CUSB is the University of Bologna's sports organization, with a mission to promote sport culture, reach physical and emotional well being, and have fun.

CUSB Ultimate is the biggest Ultimate club in Italy, and works towards the development of the sport, from middle school to masters.

Twenty-five instructors work during the school year in 22 middle schools and 30 high schools of Bologna, reaching almost 6,000 students during their PE lessons.

They learn how to play and how to respect the Spirit of the Game: know and respect the rules, play fairly, play safe and communicate respectfully.

Students can also join after-school classes.

During the month of May 2017, CUSB organized 4 tournaments:

  • ELITE Ultimate tournament, for the afternoon high school groups: 11 High schools, 16 men teams, 5 women teams, for a total of 200 students.
  • ROOKIE Ultimate tournament, for high school teams: 4 days of qualification and 1 day of finals. 25 high schools: 60 men teams and 173 mixed teams, for a total of 3000 players.
  • The middle school afternoon tournament: 4 Saturdays, 16 schools: 16 mixed teams, for a total of 160 students.
  • The Middle schools Tournament: 15 schools, 48 mixed teams, for a total of 800 players.

The podium and spirit of the game awards were designed by the sculpture students of the local art school Liceo Artistico Arcangeli.

Thanks to Balsamiq's support, CUSB Ultimate could buy all the necessary equipment to plan and organize these activities, including frisbees, awards, and promotional materials.

That's it for now! See you in a few months, when we'll highlight some of the club's results!

Content for this post was contributed by Laura Farolfi, CUSB Ultimate

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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