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CUSB Ultimate Sponsorship: Winter 2020 Update

Hi friends of Balsamiq!

Laura here, your friendly Balsamiq ultimate frisbee player. 😊

We stand for a lot of the values that Ultimate frisbee represents: equity and self-management above others. As our founder Peldi put it: “Ultimate Frisbee teaches many life lessons: about honesty, fair-play and that being competitive and ambitious doesn't have to be in contrast with being a good and decent person.”

Thanks to our long-term sponsorship, CUSB Ultimate Bologna has organized many educational projects throughout the years, both for their players and for thousands of students in Bologna.

In supporting them, we ultimately support our main local community. That’s why, when they presented us with the list of activities planned for the future, we decided to keep sponsoring their efforts for four more years.

During the second half of 2020, the team’s main project was writing their first official code of conduct, but they did a lot more to improve and grow as a community. Read all about it on our CUSB Ultimate Sponsorship page.

See you this summer, hopefully with some news from the fields!


Laura for the Balsamiq Team

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