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Balsamiq Dev Update for September 2018

Happy September, Friends of Balsamiq.

Fall is officially here! That means that the weather is growing colder, the leaves are turning from green to brown, and our European dev team is done with vacations, bringing us back to full strength. Let's talk about what we have been up to. 😊

Last month we talked about the new Project History feature, and this month we have another big feature to show off.

Eagle-eyed Space owners may have already noticed a new option in their Space settings panel, Dropbox Backups. This feature does exactly what you think it does: backup all your projects to your Dropbox drive. Not only does this mean you have an extra backup of your projects, it also means that if you ever decide to stop using Balsamiq Cloud, you won't have to worry about downloading your projects. This is a feature request that, in some form or another, dates back all the way to 2009. It's really cool that it is finally a reality. Dive into the docs, and set it up on your Space today!

Aside from that, we have been doing little under-the-hood fixes here and there, including making Balsamiq Cloud even easier for our Support Team to support.

Of course, September also means that it's time to Atlassian's annual Summit conference. We love going to Summit because it gives us a chance to chat with our Atlassian customers in person, and learn about what Atlassian is cooking up next.

While we don't have anything to formally announce yet, I can tell you that we are hard at work making sure that our Atlassian integrations are ready for the newest versions of Confluence and Jira. We are hoping that, by the time the new editor (and other features) launch, our apps will be ready for them. If all goes well, you won't notice a thing. 😊

Finally, a quick update on Balsamiq for Desktop, as we are getting very close to the start of our closed beta! This first beta test will use a version of the app that connects directly to Balsamiq Cloud. We are doing this because we want to focus our testing on the desktop editor, and how it connects to our web-based apps. A full featured desktop app beta that saves offline will come later. We are going to start the beta off slowly at first, and ramp it up from there. If you'd like to help us beta test, just send us an email, let us know if you're a Windows or macOS person, and we will get you added to the waiting list!

That's all for this month, friends. We will talk to you again next month!

Brendan for the Balsamiq Team

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