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Welcome Drew Lafferty and Lizelotte Green!

Hello, friends of Balsamiq! Our not-so-little-anymore team keeps on growing!

Today I would like to introduce to you our two new team members: Drew Lafferty and Liz Green!

Drew Lafferty

Drew is a jack-of-all-trades Developer / DevOps, based in Chicago, Illinois.

Drew Lafferty

He loves working full stack and diving into both front-end and back-end code, as well as learning about new web technologies and anything Ops related.

His main responsibility is to be the lead developer of Olio, our home-grown CRM web app.

On top of that, he's something close to an "IT guy" for us: if anyone has a technical question or needs some programming help, Drew's there to help.

We received over 200 applications for this job position and met some great people in the process. After three rounds of interviews, it became clear that Drew was the one who had the right combination of experience, skills, shared interests, location and culture fit for this particular job position.

Drew is already becoming an integral part of our team. It's such a luxury having him around!

Lizelotte Green

Lizelotte goes by Liz, and her job title is "Tier 2 Sales Support and Product Manager for CRM". It means that she's going to become our in-house expert on how we sell our different products, and work with Drew to make Olio as powerful and easy to use as possible for our sales support team.

Liz Green

Again, we received over 200 applications for Liz's position and met some really great candidates, who we hope to cross paths again with in the future.

We are ecstatic with having chosen Liz, though: she's smart, detail-oriented, enthusiastic, warm, driven and independent. She's also based out of Chicago, which gives her ample time to overlap with our CET and PST sales support team members.

You can find Drew and Liz's contact info on our company page.

Please join us in welcoming them to the Balsamiq family by adding a comment below!


P.S. BTW, we're not stopping here. We'll have more hiring-related announcements in the future, stay tuned here and keep checking our jobs page regularly!

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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