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Release: Helping the Dust Settle after the myBalsamiq Launch

Hello friends!

Today's release is mostly myBalsamiq-centric. We launched less than a month ago, so today's update is focussed on making it smoother rather than adding new features.

Here's what's changed:

  • All versions: fixed Help and Support links, they no longer 404 now, sorry about that.
  • myBalsamiq: fixed an issue with notifying project members on save.
  • myBalsamiq: fixed a number of image upload bugs in the myBalsamiq editor.
  • myBalsamiq: greatly improved the "propose alternate mockup" flow. We no longer throw you back to the comment view on save, you submit the comment directly from the editor. Try it!
  • myBalsamiq: upped the file size limit for project or assets to 100Mb (used to be 10Mb).
  • myBalsamiq: Fixed an issue with some notifications not showing up after cloning a project.
  • myBalsamiq: Started the "toggle link highlights" feature both on the single mockup view and the prototype view.
  • myBalsamiq: Added some handy buttons to the prototype view (look at the bottom).
  • myBalsamiq: you can now erase project description and mockup notes if you want to.
  • myBalsamiq: you can now undo a project delete when deleting it from the archives.
  • myBalsamiq: Fixed a bug in calculating myBalsamiq credits for Desktop licenses keys.
  • myBalsamiq: Anonymous users can now upload bmml assets to wiki-level projects.
  • myBalsamiq: fixed an issue with not being able to delete a comment right after deleting one.
  • myBalsamiq: project members no longer see an empty "Site Settings" title in the settings view.
  • myBalsamiq: lots and lots of behind the scenes stability and performance changes, especially focussed on helping us make releases with zero downtime. The smoother we can make the release process for our users and ourselves, the more releases we can do! 🙂 For the server-side geeks among us, with today's update we switched from a local ehcache implementation to Amazon's ElastiCache, so that the cache stays warm during an update and the new server boots up MUCH faster. We still have some work to do on this front but we're getting there.
  • myBalsamiq: Fixed a markdown formatting bug when using the same modifier more than once, *like* *this*. This fix was already live on the other versions since 2.1.9.
  • myBalsamiq: lots of little cosmetic changes here and there

How do I update?

If you're using myBalsamiq, you're already updated. Just log back in and enjoy.

For other versions, simply install from our download page on top of your current installation. You won't have to re-register.

As always, if you hit any snags with the new build let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up! 🙂

For posterity, these are the version numbers of today's release:

  • myBalsamiq: build #3694
  • Mockups for Desktop: version 2.1.10
  • Mockups for Confluence: version 2.1.9
  • Mockups for FogBugz: version 2.1.9
  • Mockups for JIRA: version 2.1.9
  • Mockups for XWiki: version 2.1.9
  • Web Demo: version 2.1.9 launch it

We are going to keep focussing on automating our tests and on fixing bugs for the next few weeks. But the image crop feature is almost ready, so that will come soon as well.


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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  1. Cropping! Let the people have cropping!!! 🙂