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Introducing our UI Education Knowledge Base

Hi friends of Balsamiq,

Leon here again, with another update about our user interface design education site,

Previously, we introduced our new site and the idea behind it and then wrote about the courses we offer on it. In this installment, I'll describe another key piece of our learning website: our knowledge base of articles about design.

UI Education Knowledge Base screenshot

Here's a selection of some we've added recently:

We currently have 12 of them, with a lot more planned. We plan to make this an ever-growing repository of everything we know about UI design, wireframing, and design process and implementation. Our authors have decades of experience building real products to draw from. You'll find all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, and other techniques we've learned through experience doing what it takes to get the job done.

Our intention is to write timeless articles about real design problems, based on our stories.

We're not aiming for clicks, "hot takes", or provocation; just practical, helpful knowledge sharing. You won't find articles about which technologies to use, design trends, or imagined case studies or redesigns, for example. We'll even try to avoid telling you "the right way" to do things, since every situation is different. Our driving theme for these articles is: real, actionable, and useful.

We feel you, David.

You won't see a new article every day, or maybe ever week for that matter. The good ones take time (like balsamic vinegar, perhaps?). We love that Nielsen Norman Group has been publishing quality articles for over 20 years (side note: five of their 20 most popular articles are 10 or more years old - timeless!) and we aspire to follow their model (albeit with fewer people and a narrower focus).

Alright then, enough from me, go read the articles!

Honestly, we'd love to hear what you think. Do they ring true to you? Are they actually useful? And what else should we write about?

Leon for the Balsamiq Team

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