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Faster Faster Faster!

The faster you are able to create your UI mockups, the happier I am.

In the last few days I made some improvements which should help you get your work done faster.

Here's what you'll get if you upgrade to the latest build:

  • Scrollbar Inspector: another awesome Michael Matti idea. Here it is in action (39 seconds, no audio):

    The feature is available for the following UI control types: Accordion, Browser Window, Cover-Flow, Data Grid / Table, Dialog / Window, List, Rectangle/ Canvas, Tabs Bar, Text Area, Tree Pane and Vertical Tabs

  • Resize multiple icons at the same time: an iron_Lung idea, demo below (18 seconds, no audio):
  • Performance improvements; with the help of gregorE, Adam, Kristi, and iron_Lung, we narrowed down the performance problems some of you were having to being mostly caused by memory leaks, of which I found and fixed about 50.
  • z-Ordering keyboard shortcuts: another iron_Lung request, you can now send to back and bring forward your controls with the familiar CTRL+SHIFT+[ (send to back), CTRL+[ (send backwards), CTRL+] (bring forward) and CTRL+SHIFT+] (bring to front) keyboard shortcuts. As with all keyboard shortcuts, these work best in the Desktop version.

This build also fixes some funky resizing issues with Tag Cloud, Data Grid, the Tree and the Menu Bar: now if you make the control "too small to fit the text", you won't see text "hanging outside the edges" any more, the text that doesn't fit will simply become invisible. This fix came after painfully watching Patrick Sullivan Jr. of EditWeapon try Balsamiq for the first time and hitting the bug.

Notice something in common with all the updates above? Yes, they all came from suggestions from current and prospective customers. This means that if there's something you don't like or would like to see improved in Mockups, speak up! It will very likely get added quickly and if it's a problem, I'll drop everything I'm doing in order to fix it ASAP.

I have a few more Mockups-related announcements up my sleeve for the next few days, stay tuned. 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (1)

  1. Sweet! These sorts of refinements save a few seconds during every use, which end up save a lot of time (not to mention frustration) over the long haul. Just as important as splashy new features. Thanks for the attention to detail.

    Michael Matti