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UX Expert Paul Boag Is Back With More Website UX Reviews

Hi friends,

A while back we invited usability expert Paul Boag to review eight websites across a variety of industries and published recordings of them for our education website.

We called this series "First Impressions" because he agreed to review a diverse set of websites, submitted by you, live and unedited without having seen them before. It was a lot of fun and the videos have an energy and personal touch to them that's pretty unique, I think. Plus, they're really informative and insightful.

Now he's back with eight more, the first of which is ready to watch today. You'll learn lessons that you can easily apply to your own site.

In his first video, Paul reviews Illinois Legal Aid Online, a nonprofit website focused on helping Illinois residents obtain legal help. Some highlights include analyzing the home page and focusing on the sign posts it uses and how they could be improved to help people find key content faster. He also touches on their donate buttons and pop-ups, use of jargon, and more.

Season 2 - episode 1Watch the first video

It's a great one for anyone who manages a nonprofit website or site that contains a lot of informational or help content. Watch it now.

We'll be releasing one new video per week for the next eight weeks. To get notified when we publish new videos, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Instagram. We've got some good ones ahead, including some surprises, so I encourage you to follow along.

And if you're new to First Impressions, check out the full first season for eight great website reviews.

Until next time,

Leon for the Balsamiq Team

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