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Free Balsamiq Mockups for UX Training

Hello everyone! 🙂
Did you know that today is World Usability Day 2009? It's a global initiative now in its 4th year, aimed at raising the awareness of the importance of good usability in our daily lives. Head over to for all the details, or follow them on Twitter here.
Also, why not take this opportunity to talk to your in-laws about usability today? They'll be impressed by it, we promise! 🙂

Clearly, with our core belief that "life is too short for bad software", we care about usability a great deal.

We didn't have time to plan an event for WUD this year, but we still wanted to contribute somehow...that's why we are proud to introduce our brand new "Free Balsamiq Mockups for UX Training" program! 🙂


The idea is simple: we have great admiration and are very thankful to those of you whose job is to teach other professionals the importance of usability / user experience / good information architecture.

In a way, it's the same admiration I have for surgeons and the like: I could never do your job, but I am SO thankful that you're doing it, making the world a better place in the process.

So if you're that kind of person, we'd like to offer you a new version of Mockups to use in your UX workshops, free of charge. It's very much like the demo version on this site, but without the annoying nagging every 5 minutes.

We're not doing this for money or exposure, really. We just want to help you in our shared quest to rid the World of bad software, if you'd like us to. If you don't like this idea, that's totally cool, no hard feelings! 🙂

Alright, all the details are here, see for yourself.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Theresa Neil of Designing Web Interfaces fame for giving me this idea. She has already used this version of Mockups in two of her UX workshops and was very supportive of this idea from the start. Thanks so much Theresa!


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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