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My Web Office Suite

Today I registered an account with Google Apps for (I'll register another for tomorrow). So now I have a pretty complete Web Office suite for my startup:

  • email and mailing lists at (Google Apps)
  • group Calendar at (Google Apps)
  • word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, at (Google Apps)
  • an iGoogle-like start page for my "employees" at (Google Apps)
  • internal Wiki at (Atlassian Confluence personal license, 2 users)
  • internal blogging system (Atlassian Confluence, not that I need it right now, it's just me remember?)
  • the blog you're reading (WordPress)
  • the rest of the site (WordPress)

That all took 3 days to set up, a whole IT infrastructure accessible from any computer on any platform, always backed up, easy to manage, collaboration enabled...beautiful. There's no going back guys! 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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