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Gret Glyer of DonorSee

Gret GlyerGret Glyer is the founder of DonorSee, an app that greatly simplifies and personalizes charitable giving. He used Balsamiq Mockups for the first draft of his app and agreed to share some of his early wireframes with us. I also got to ask him some questions about the origins of DonorSee and what makes it unique.

For a more complete overview of DonorSee, listen to Gret describe it in his own words:

You can also check out DonorSee on Facebook and the Apple and Android app stores. Read on for our interview...

Q&A with Gret Glyer of DonorSee

What industry do you work in, and what is your title or job description?

I'm the CEO and Founder of a new app called DonorSee, which is revolutionizing online giving.

What's the story behind DonorSee? How did you come up with the idea?

How cool would it be to start the Uber for charities?

It just came to me one day. I always thought about starting a tech company, and then one day I was having a conversation and I said, "how cool would it be to start the Uber for charities?" And then the idea flooded into my brain.

How does DonorSee deliver donations to recipients and how did you make that happen?

Aid workers living abroad in different countries post projects, and the money goes to their bank accounts. Then they get the money to the field.

What's your background? What was your path to your current role?

It's a long story. I've been living in Malawi for 3 years, and crowdfunded a bunch of stuff, like this girls school:

How is DonorSee different from what else is out there?

It's basically a crowdfunding app, but we're better because we show people where their money is going.

What challenges have you faced? Have they been mostly technological or other?

A lot of technical challenges, since I am not technical.

Why and how do you use Balsamiq Mockups?

Balsamiq gave me an easy way to talk with developers.

I used them to make the initial design and think through the process of how users will use an app that was, at first, just an idea in my head. As someone with no technical background, it gave me an easy way to talk with developers, and explain what I wanted.

DonorSee Wireframes Made with Balsamiq
Some of Gret's early wireframes for DonorSee

What do you like most about what you do?

I'm excited that DonorSee is one of the most obvious ways to make a tangible impact on the world. When you take part in helping a boy get a wheelchair, or a girl get hearing aids, you get to really see and appreciate the work that you are doing.

What suggestions do you have for someone looking to succeed in your role or industry?

Persevere and listen to mentors.

Great advice and a powerful story. Best of luck to you, Gret!

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