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New Guides on Designing Better Apps and Landing Pages, and Improving PM-Developer Relationships

Dear friends of Balsamiq,

When we introduced our UI Education Knowledge Base, I summarized the vision for it this way:

"Our authors have decades of experience building real products to draw from. You'll find all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, and other techniques we've learned through experience doing what it takes to get the job done."

The goal was, and is, to assemble resources to help you do your job better. In keeping with these ideas, I'm excited to tell you about three new articles on our UI Education site, including some of my favorite quotes from them.

Improve Your Landing Pages

The first article is Perfect Landing Page Wireframes by Dale Broadhead at Conversion Hut, a specialist in landing page conversion rate optimization.

Perfect Landing Page Wireframes

The person that is responsible for creating the landing page, more often than not isn’t the designer or copywriter. So it’s really important that the wireframe really drives how the page is going to flow and the elements which are going to be included.

Improve PM-Developer Relationships

The next one is How Product Managers Can Build Healthy Relationships with Designers, by the team at ProductPlan, which features an interview with their director of Product Management who shares some keys to her success.

How Product Managers Can Build Healthy Relationships with Designers

When a designer delivers something you feel is completely off base, it becomes a question of why. In cases like these, it’s unlikely that the breakdown happened because someone was wrong, and highly-likely it happened due to a misalignment somewhere.

Improve Your App Design Skills

Lastly, we have Copying to Learn by our own Billy Carlson, who recounts one of the most memorable lessons he learned in his design education.

Copying to Learn

Anytime someone asks me to design something I’ve never done before, I look for examples I like, analyze it in detail, and recreate it as wireframes. I always come away with a better understanding of how it works and am ready to improve upon what already exists.

I love that all three of these articles have experiential, rather than theoretical, foundations. They highlight real world lessons from people who have been there.

So, if you want to learn more about any of these topics, go check out our new articles. And if you have suggestions for more topics you'd like to read about, write a comment below or email

Happy reading!

Leon for the Balsamiq Team

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