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Staying Fresh with Good Old HTML and CSS

I know web design

As the internet keeps evolving at staggering speed, new tools are released constantly, and employers are always looking for the most experienced players. Designers seem to have no choice but to struggle with what to learn next.

Fortunately, our own Leon Barnard has offered his help on how to survive and succeed in this seemingly ever-changing industry. In his most recent article for the Treehouse Blog, he suggests we shouldn't underestimate plain old HTML and CSS to stay at the leading edge, and he gives us 5 reasons why:

  1. HTML and CSS are design tools
  2. HTML is what the browser knows
  3. CSS3 is replacing JavaScript as the language of animation on the Web
  4. Wireframes with CSS are better than a Photoshop Mockup
  5. At the very least, you can customize a web framework

Agree? Disagree? Would you add anything to this list? How do you stay current on your career? Share with us in the comments.

For a deep dive into Leon’s advice, we invite you to read the full article.

Jessica for the Balsamiq Team

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