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I Tink, Therefore, I Am. (Sorry, Descartes)

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We love people who get stuff done. We are, therefore, extremely proud to sponsor one of the puzzles concocted by Tinkering School at this weekend's Maker Faire.

Tinkering School, founded and run by Gever Tulley & Julie Spiegler, is a marvelous sleep-away camp providing kids an environment of invention, with full access to power tools! This is a place where wild ideas, crazy notions, and intuitive leaps of imagination are encouraged and fertilized. They've just published a great handbook called "Fifty Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do" for parents who want to roll their own tinkering at home.

This was easy and wonderful for us to do: it is a match for our values of playful experimentation, making stuff and helping folks create. While I can't be volunteering in the booth this year, I am glad to be there in spirit and support.

If you are attending Maker Faire, a great place to see the latest in fire technology, robotics, crafting guilds and all manner of creativity, swing by the "Tinker Your Way Out of This" booth 174 in the Expo Hall, solve a hands-on puzzle, and say hi to our friends.

[Update: the Maker Faire was an enormous success, and by all accounts, folks loved all the games, including the one we sponsored. Since we are all waiting for the release of myBalsamiq, our game was aptly named, Suspense!]

Val for the Balsamiq Team

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