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InspireUX and Mockups: get inspired!

I am extremely excited to announce a new little feature of Balsamiq Mockups:

Clicking on the menu will simply open a new browser page to

If you don't know InspireUX, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Catriona Cornett is truly doing an outstanding job putting together "quotes from people who truly understand the importance of a positive user experience". I follow the site's updates via Twitter and let me tell you, getting a new Tweet from her is such a treat each time.

I am extremely excited that Catriona agreed to let me link to InspireUX directly from Balsamiq Mockups.

One of the goals of Mockups is to help designers and developers to build better, more usable software. So the link to InspireUX right in the Help menu, IMHO, is a great addition.

Life is too short for bad UX! Thanks Catriona! Go InspireUX!


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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