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Introducing Balsamiq Interviews

At Balsamiq we strive to offer our community multiple avenues to learn and understand the wonderful world of design. We have First Impressions with Paul Boag, our Live Wireframing Sessions, expert articles in our Knowledge Base, and more. Now, we’re excited to announce Balsamiq Interviews. A new series where we speak with creators of all kinds in the field of digital design.

Introducing Balsamiq Interviews

We’re kicking it off with three interviews from people creating some great products. We have Shay Howe from Lead Honestly, who offers tips for starting small. Camay Ho, Senior Product Designer at SwipeSense, who discusses working as a solo designer and designing for behavior change. And we have Nick Barger, a developer using Balsamiq as part of his product development work.

In these interviews we’ll bring you the processes and stories behind the products they create, as well as tips and advice for designers of all levels. Real people, real insights. If you’re new to design, it may seem daunting to create something from nothing, but people do it everyday and you can too.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest someone for us to interview, contact me at


Billy for the Balsamiq Team

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