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Introducing Mariah, Balsamiq's Better Half

Hi there. I am very pleased to introduce to you my wife and best friend Mariah.

Mariah and Peldi

She has been the hand behind all of the UI controls in Balsamiq Mockups, not to mention an incredible "support group of one" for me in this startup adventure.

some of Mariah's handiwork

some of Mariah's handiwork

Starting today Mariah is going to take a more active role in Balsamiq Studios: the first task she's taking on is to hand out free license keys to do-gooders, bloggers etc., so be nice to her! 🙂

We were brainstorming what her job title should be...Community Manager...VP or Philanthropy...then we settled on what she already is: my "Better Half".

So please join me in welcoming Mariah to her new role; if you'd like to email her she is

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (4)

  1. So she is the face behind the cool Balsamiq UI!!

  2. Hi Peldi (and Mariah!),

    Most of the successful people in our world have an unsung secret weapon – their significant other. They are the person you gripe to, who when things get tough give you much needed support and encouragement. I know I would not have accomplished what small success I’ve had if it were not for my “better half” – Tina.

    Good to make your digital acquaintance Mariah – hope to see you posting here!

  3. Mariah’s contribution to Mockups has been crucial from the start — that informal-but-not-amateurish visual style sets just the right tone for the product’s output. Many thanks to her for all her work, and glad to hear she’ll be doing even more.

    Peldi, you’re a lucky guy, which you doubtless already know…

    Michael Matti