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Welcome Laura Farolfi, Our First Full-Time Project Manager

Even at 30 employees and almost 10 years old, we've managed to keep Balsamiq a flat organization.

Each of us is expected to manage themselves when it comes to prioritizing, scheduling, doing the work, and even self-motivating.

As our company has grown, we've created servant leadership roles to help us work better, like coaches or team and project leads and organizers.

I spoke about all these at Business of Software Europe 2017 in a talk titled "Everything Changes at 25".

The team organizer role, specifically, is a very important coordination and communication role. Other companies might call this a project management role, but we try to avoid the word management since it comes with a lot of baggage.

Team organizers are in charge of knowing all the projects a team is working on, and helping us keep the momentum on them.

Some teams are more project-heavy than others. As we've grown our Marketing team last year, we realized we had so many projects going at once, and so many more we wanted to do, that we needed to look for a full-time project manager team organizer. 😃

Enter Laura Farolfi

At the same time last year, we started working with the Bologna Ultimate Frisbee team on our long-term sponsorship.

The person in charge of coordinating everything on their end was Laura Farolfi, one of the best ultimate players in Europe.

Laura Farolfi

I was immediately and repeatedly impressed with her organizational skills. She was entirely responsible for the sponsorship happening, and for the many sub-projects involved with it: having our logo on their shirts and frisbees, writing blog posts, thinking strategically about possible future projects...

So when the need came for a great team organizer, we immediately thought of her. We were lucky that the timing was right for her to make a change too, and the rest is history.

Laura Farolfi playing Ultimate Frisbee

Laura has been with us for less than 2 months, and we're already seeing great benefits on the team. We're getting more done, faster and with less coordination-induced stress.

Please join us in welcoming Laura to the Balsamiq family!


Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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