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Leon Barnard Joins Balsamiq


It's a great pleasure to introduce you all to Leon Barnard, the newest member of our team. We're excited to have Leon onboard to help move our UX and support teams forward.

We've known Leon from the very beginning of Balsamiq's history. He's among the awesome group of early adopters from the interaction design community. If you've used our products, you may have seen him in the GetSatisfaction forums over the years. He actually met Peldi to organize a meetup once in Prague years ago!

One of Leon's primary goals (at least in the near term) will be improving elements of the user experience—documentation, training, and community advocacy.

As we've grown, the need to keep pace with new features has increased. We want to make it easier for new users to learn the Mockups way of zen wireframing.

We want to help existing users learn how to make the most out of all of Mockups' advanced features when they want to, and we want to share the design principles that can help to make your work more awesome.

Leon is up to the task. He will play a big role in community management, working on several of our existing blogs, as well as some new resources we're planning to help users get better at design.

Leon brings expertise in working in Agile teams, and will fill needs in the area of user research, and product design. He also has front end development chops to contribute to moving our web sites forward.

Those of us who know and have met Leon feel like this is a win for team and community alike.

Leon will be based in Berkeley, California. Please help welcome Leon! He's and @balsamiqLeon on Twitter.

Mike for the Balsamiq Team

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  1. Welcome to a great company!!

    Nazim Beltran