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Licensing Changes for Mockups for Confluence

· Posted by Peldi in Products · 2 Comments

The news

Your Mockups and Confluence licenses no longer have to match.

In other words: you can now install a small license of Mockups (i.e. a Team license) on a bigger license (say, Enterprise) of Confluence.

In other words: Mockups for Confluence just got a lot more affordable! 🙂

The reasons for the change

A few prospective customers have asked me for it, and it makes perfect sense. Mockups is somewhat of a "vertical" solution. After all not everyone in a large organization is interested in mocking up websites or software, so why should you pay to give access to everyone?

How it works

I tried to make it as simple as possible. Here's what happens:

  • you install Mockups for Confluence normally (no changes here)
  • while you are using a trial of Mockups for Confluence, everyone can add and edit mockups (no changes here either)
  • once you enter your Mockups license, the plugin detects your Confluence license level, and compares it to your Mockups license
  • if the two licenses match (i.e. Team/Team or Workgroup/Workgroup), everyone who has access to the wiki will see the "Add UI Mockup" and "edit this mockup" links - this is basically how it works today
  • if your Mockups license is smaller than your Confluence license, only members of the "balsamiq-mockups-editors" group will see the "Add UI Mockup" and "edit this mockup" links. You create the group yourself and manage its members normally, via the Confluence admin UI (docs here).

Some Screenshots

If your Mockups and Confluence licenses match, there is no change to any of the UI anywhere.

If your Mockups license is smaller than your Confluence license, you'll see this in the "Configure Mockups" screen:

Now let's say Mockups is hugely popular in your organization and everyone wants access to it. You keep adding members to the balsamiq-mockups-editors group, and somehow you add more than what your Mockups license allows. When this happens, you'll see this "friendly but firm" warning:

To make sure you notice, the same warning is displayed under every mockup in the wiki:

When this happens you can either remove some people from the balsamiq-mockups-editors group, or upgrade your Mockups for Confluence license - we suggest the latter option. 😉

So that's it! If you liked Mockups but couldn't justify the price for your whole organization, I hope this change will remove that obstacle. Now you can start small and buy it for your team for only $600.

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest version (build 1.1.15), then buy Mockups for Confluence now!

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (2)

  1. hello

    if i have a balsamiq jira license can i use that one for
    confluence too?


    [Peldi: Hi werner, no the plugins are different, but since you already bought one we’ll give you 50% off of the Mockups for Confluence license. Email Valerie at and she’ll hook you up!]

  2. this does not seem to work if I am on a Linux machine using Firefox, I simply get a blank screen when I click “Add UI mockup”.

    Firefox 3.0.11
    Ubuntu 9.04
    Flash plugin 9.0 r999

    [Peldi: hello Rich, please email me at and we’ll figure it out]