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Looking for Mockups 1.5 Testers

Hi there, I am approaching release quality for Mockups 1.5, and am looking for volunteers to test the pre-release version.

If you are interested, simply go to the Next Release Preview page and download the Desktop version or try the web version. That page also contains a list of new features and improvements coming in 1.5 (I'll keep updating it as I add stuff).

I will add Confluence, JIRA and XWiki versions to that page as well later today.

For feedback and bug reports, simply use the GetSatisfaction forums as always.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it! I hope this will be an exciting, solid release.

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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Comments (5)

  1. Whoops … never mind #3 in that list: I’d neglected to wrap the fontFace tags in a root-level set of config tags, which is why switching the font wasn’t working. Terribly sorry about that — hope you didn’t waste any time looking into it.

    Once I straightened things out, was happy to find that any font on my system could be used as a fontFace, and that my favorite in your survey — Komika Text — works really well as a drop-in Comic Sans replacement. Roughly matches the width and leading, so no repositioning needed, which wasn’t true for several others I tried. Since my work output is PNG screenshots, not BMML files for my colleagues, using a font they don’t have is not a problem.

    Sorry for the false alarm, but really digging this now that it works. Thanks much.

    Michael Matti
  2. Peldi –

    Thanks for fixing the configuration file info. Couple of things I noticed:

    1. Copy ‘n’ paste error – rememberWindowSize “turns off all local shared-object access by the app”

    2. On my Windows system, “Application DataBalsamiqMockupsForDesktop.etc” resides under my username account directory, not “Administrator”.

    3. Possibly related to #2 – adding a BalsamiqMockups.cfg to Local Store, with the fontFace tag for Architect Small Block as specified, didn’t do anything after restarting Mockups.

    As for the arrows issue, I’ll post a screenshot at GetSatisfaction, since I don’t see a way to do that in the comments here.

    Michael Matti
  3. Hey Michael, thanks for the feedback.

    1. I migrated to use only one local shared object instead of two, but got lazy and didn’t migrate the data. I will fix that today (too late for you, sorry).

    2. Sorry, I typed < and > without escaping them so you couldn’t see the tags. Doh! I fixed it, and also specified where the file lives. Don’t get me started on why this option is so hidden: 🙂

    3. can you tell me more about why you’d like these? A screenshot might work wonders on my little head.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

    Peldi Guilizzoni
  4. Lots of good things in the wings. Couple of quick comments:

    1. Surprised that the preview ignored my preference regarding “show UI library” and “show notebook”. Presumably, that’s because of its reliance on the new configuration file, but can’t it still figure out the old preference?

    2. About that configuration file — where is it, what’s it called,
    and what’s the tag syntax? There’s a note to “(see above for supported tags)”, but I can’t find the info. Specifically, I’d like to try out the new support for Architect Small Block. (Shouldn’t that be a simple pulldown menu choice?)

    3. Mentioned this somewhere else, but worth noting again: arrows are a great addition, but would benefit from thickness and color control.

    Thanks for keeping these upgrades coming …

    Michael Matti