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Welcome Luca, Alberto, Tommaso, and Angie!

Hello friends of Balsamiq!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you four new members of the Balsamiq family!

Luca Cornazzani

Luca is a senior developer living in Bologna, Italy. He's been with us for just a few weeks, but we've already thrown some very hard bugs his way... he didn't even break a sweat! Now he's taking the lead on building a native Windows version of our Desktop application. Sweet!

Alberto Forni

Alberto is a senior developer. Like many of Italy's brightest, Alberto emigrated to London for work a few years ago. We are very proud to have been able to convince him to move back to Italy and work with us. Talk about a Brexit! 🙂 Alberto is already hard at work on our next generation editor, fixing bugs and adding new features. Super-sweet!

Tommaso Ognibene

Tommaso is a full stack developer, based in Bologna as well. He seems to settle for nothing less than perfection in everything he does, and he's already putting his skills to work on our next generation web app. We're excited to work with you, Tommaso!

Angie Gazdziak

Angie's job title is "Marketing Admin". Based in Chicago, IL, USA, Angie's job is to manage all of our many sponsorships, and take over our SWAG program. One of many talents, Angie is also going to help us with some marketing projects here and there. I'm excited to see where you'll take us, Angie!

We are hiring 4 more people over the next few months. It's a big growth spurt for us, but we can afford it and we want to go faster, we have so many ideas for ways to bring more value to our awesome community!

Please join me in welcoming our 4 new Balsamìci to our little five-star restaurant on the web! 🙂

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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